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– Novice printmakers with little to no experience
– Supplies for demonstrations provided 
$30 an hour

This is a great option for folks who have been wanting to learn more about printmaking but are unsure what process to pursue. I will consult with you and help determine which printmaking technique is best for your project or concept. It helps if you have an idea of something you want to make or a process you want to try. I work with you one-on-one and walk you through it step-by-step, ensuring you achieve a desired outcome! 


– No instruction needed, full access to equipment
– Bring your own supplies, basics provided
$20 an hour

This option is for creators who are fairly familiar and comfortable with printmaking. I will be present in the studio while you are working in case you need assistance, suggestions or general printmaking banter. During these sessions, I will be working on my own projects nearby and am happy to share with you any tips or tricks I have along the way. The space will be reserved for you during this time so you will have as much room as you need! 

Contact to schedule – no drop ins
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Intro. to Block Printing

Woodcut & Linocut 
4 sessions //  2 hours each
$240 all supplies included

This includes printmaking paper, ink, wood & linoleum blocks –
You even get to keep your own set of carving tools!

Mid-Sept. – Mid Oct.

1st  Session     Sept. 20th     Wed. 6-8pm     

2nd Session Sept. 27th      Wed. 6-8pm    

3rd Session     Oct. 4th         Wed. 6-8pm    

4th Session    Oct. 11th       Wed. 6-8pm    

Learn the foundational skills at the heart of Relief Printmaking aka Block Printing. We will explore woodcuts and linocuts together step by step. Learn the basics of carving, tools of the trade, various image transfer methods, inking & printing, variegated rolls, multiple block registration and more! You may enter this class with zero to little knowledge, but you will leave a confident and experienced block printer who is able to carry on the art form long after class ends!  

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“Where Printmaking meets Herbalism”

Experience the wonders of plant medicine and the art of printmaking! Each class will focus on a particular plant ally and print technique. Students leave with a more holistic understanding of the plant’s gifts through meaningful hands-on interaction. Participants gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world through the creative process. 
    We typically begin with a short lecture from the herbalist about our chosen plant, its properties, benefits, how and where it grows, how to ethically harvest or sustainably source it, historical uses, folklore, and more. We will then formulate a tincture, salve, tea blend, vinegar, etc. using the plant. During the printmaking section of the class, you will partake in a demonstration of a printmaking technique that incorporates our plant of the day. Students are guided through making their very own prints by engaging a range of print mediums including copper etching, relief carving, screen printing, monoprints, drypoint engraving, and more

Not only will you leave with new knowledge and skills; you get to take home an herbal offering and handmade prints!


Printmaker & Educator : Vanessa Jo Bahr

MFA: Ohio University
BFA: Regis University

Instagram: @Vanessajobahr